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Resident Welcome Coffee "Drop In"

Saturday, October 21st at 9 AM Clubhouse

Calling all new and longer time residents to "drop in" and enjoy a coffee with us!

Meet members of the BOD and various committees and have a chance to ask questions.

All welcome...just "drop in"!!

Completed/upcoming Projects around the Retreat

  • Sidewalk repairs have started 24 areas had root removal work done and then the sidewalk re-poured. The next phase will be to have 300+ areas shaved down so that the trip hazards are removed, this phase will start by the end of March if not sooner.
  • The additional improvements to the Retreat/Angelina buffer areas will also be completed by the end of March. Pine straw mulch, and Fakahatchee grass has been added.
  • 3800 feet of perimeter fencing will be installed along the SE section of the fence running from approximately Seabranch blvd to LaCreek. 
  • clubhouse maintenance is continuing.
  • Signage upgrades around the clubhouse area and lakes will continue.
  • The website is continuing to be updated and improved thanks to Marlene Boobar. 
  • The clubhouse parking lights have all been switched over to LED lights

Please feel free to contact the property manager with any questions that you may have in regards to any of the projects you see above or any other questions you may have.

Best regards. 

You may have seen Lake Masters out and about in our preserve areas, they are treating non-native species in our preserves. You may have noticed that the grass along the preserve edges and going into the preserves has been dying, this is a normal part of the preserve treatments. Please keep in mind that any non-native species in the preserves are killed in place so you may see dead vines, trees, and bushes from time to time.