The painting project is moving forward. 

As we do move forward, if you have any issues at your home as a result of the painting or cleaning of the roofs, please contact the painting supervisor: 

Diogo Fonseca at 



Recently there has been some confusion with residents making requests for some areas to be sprayed and other areas not. 

For example, spray the front yard, but not the back yard.  Spray the drive way for weeds, but not the beds. 

Treat the lawn for pest control but not the plant beds.

With 555 homes, it is next to impossible for the work crew to keep up with all the specific special requests.

Therefore, going forward, if a resident requests an area of their home site NOT to be treated, then the entire home site will NOT be treated.  Please also keep in mind, if you are requesting not to be treated, should your lawn, shrubs or  trees contract a disease, it will be the owners responsibility to repair and or replace, including sod, as the HOA is no longer maintaining chemically.

Bluestream will begin providing our community with bulk video and internet services beginning August 1, 2020.

Any concerns or needs any homeowner has throughout this installation process should be directed to the field supervisor:

Wilson Castro

Mobile: 786-273-6314

Office: 954-530-3287

The list of approved plantings are listed in the form to the right


See "Approved Plant List 2019" 

(Clink Link Above)

Yard waste is collected each Wednesday.

Yard waste is to be placed out on Tuesday evening for collection on Wednesday.

If yard waste is placed out prior to noon on Tuesday, the resident can incur a fine of $100 per day that the yard waste is left out.



When leasing home (with or without the help of a Realtor), 

the resident must follow the instructions provided in the 

 Signature Leasing Form.


See "Important Forms" to the right.

Residents (with or without the help of a Realtor) must follow the instructions provided in the Signature Sales Form.

(See "Important Forms" to right)

As of BOD Meeting on March 25, 2019, residents may add either

Brown or Cypress Gold Mulch

The ONLY HOA approved exterior carriage light is:

Seagull Model 8765-12 Exterior Wall Lantern Light

It can be ordered on line or through Home Depot.


Exterior Fixed Lighting (eg  garage, rear door, Capri front door entrance)

Everyone is encouraged to contact FPL and report the light/location at.

All resident owners in The Retreat are required to fill out an ACC Change Application  PRIOR to making changes to:

     a.  The exterior of your home

     b.  Any change (adding or removing) outdoor property (land, trees, shrubs, bushes, driveways, sidewalks, lighting, drainage, plant beds, solar, patios, pools,  water softeners, generators, fences, etc.)      SEE ACC APPLICATION 

There were 4 Amendments to the Declaration of Covenants approved by the majority of the homeowners in

December, 2017.


1.  Sections 6.1C and 6.2 are now corrected to read 6.1 and 6.2  (a typo was corrected)

2.  Owners applying a sealant to their driveways must include a slick resistant substance in that sealant.

3.  Owners are responsible  for all dues/assessments to the HOA irregardless of whether they lease their unit.

4.  New purchasers shall pay an amount equal to one quarter of the annual Base Assessments levied by the Association for that style Unit.

See actual Amendment in Important Forms



Work Order Process


Homeowners that have the need for services to their landscaping or irrigation system should call Signature Property Management.

Call Signature Property Management at              772-219-4474 to submit a work order.

Property Manager: Scott Montagna           

Administrative Assistant: Dina Rosenhaus

24-hour emergency phone number:                    772-219-4474


Also, one may go on-line to the Signature Property Management Web site and complete a work order form:





2.  Blue Reflectors - If placed next to a specific tree or bush, that tree or bush will not be touched.





Waste Managemen picks up trash on Mondays and Thursdays:  Recyclables on Thursday  and yard waste on Wednesday.  During holiday weeks, this schedule is typically delayed by one day.

Recycle bins may be obtained directly from Waste Management at 7700 SE  Bridge Road, Hobe Sound

See Waste Management Site for more questions:    


When the holiday falls on a weekday, residential collection will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week.

If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there will be NO delays.





New Year’s Day

January 1

One day delay

Day after New Year’s Day

January 2

Normal schedule

Martin Luther King Day

Third Monday of January

Normal schedule

Memorial Day

Last Monday of May

One day delay

Independence Day

July 4

One day delay

Labor Day

First Monday of September

One day delay


Fourth Thursday of November

One day delay

Day after Thanksgiving

Fourth Friday of November

Normal schedule

Christmas Eve

December 24

Normal schedule

Christmas Day

December 25

One day delay


Currently the HOA contracts for basic cable TV service.  Additional services such as internet, telephone and upgraded TV options are contracted by the homeowner directly with Comcast.

In 2015 two (2) FOB's were distributed to all homeowners.  Currently when a home is purchased the two (2) FOB's should be truned over to the new homeowner by the real estate agent.  Missing FOB's may be purchased at the Property Managers office for $50.00 each, however each Retreat home address is LIMITED to two (2) FOB's.

Complete the Telephone Directory and Email Blast Form

Copies may be found on the web site in the Member Section


Copies may be obtained through Signature Property Management

3232 SE Dixie Highway, Unit B    Stuart, FL.  34997

Email:  Dina Rosenhaus 



The Women's Club meets the 3rd Monday evening during the season.

Complete an application and join us!

Meet some lifelong friends!!

Check out Women's Club