The only HOA approved exterior carriage light is: Seagull Model 8765-12 Exterior Wall Lantern Light

It can be ordered on line or through Home Depot.

Everyone is encouraged to contact FPL and report the light/location at.

All resident owners in The Retreat are required to fill out an ACC Change Application  PRIOR to making changes to:

     a.  The exterior of your home

     b.  Any change (adding or removing) outdoor property (land, trees, shrubs, bushes, driveways, sidewalks, lighting, drainage, plant beds, solar, patios, pools,  water softeners, generators, fences, etc.)      SEE ACC APPLICATION 

Work Order Process


Homeowners that have the need for services to their landscaping or irrigation system MUST submit a "work order" request.

A.  Call Capital Realty Advisors Inc., (CRA) at 561-624-5888 or 1-800-940-1088 to submit a work order.

B.  CRA staff will record the work order request information and forward the work order to the appropriate vendor.

C.  CRA uses the "TOPS" software application.  TOPS is a commonly used software application for Homeowners Associations and Condominium Association Management.  When a resident calls in a work order, CRA inputs the information into the TOPS software program.  Work order information is tracked by property street address for future reference; even if a home is sold the work order history will be retrained by property street address.

D.  Your work order number is your Retreat street address.  If you need to follow up on the status of a work order, call CRA and provide your Retreat property address and the person assisting you will determine the status of your request.

E.  Once the vendor receives the work order, and arrives at the home the vendor will either meet with the homeowner or leave a door hanger to provide and update of the work order status.

F.  The property manager meets with the landscape company foreman weekly to review outstanding work orders.  Completion time of work requests varies based on the scope of the work order submitted.

G.  Upon completion of the work order the vendor notifies the property manager that the work order is closed.

H.  If the work submitted cannot be resolved by the property manager, the issue will then be brought to the attention of the President of the Board of Directors for consideration.


Typical requests for work jorders are for irrigation, weed control, and bush trimming.  Irrigation issues are addressed weekly as the irrigation vendor is on site at the Retreat three times per week.  Bush trimming may take up to a month, as there is a pre-scheduled cycle for monthly bush trimming.  Weed control typically includes the dispatcing of a tank truck.  The tank truck is dispatched when several houses have outstanding "weed control" work orders.